Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flying Moonkins and more

 Love it when this happens due to lag

 My rogue after pickpocketing this Hozen
A cool bug on this boss - apparently if you mount before combat starts the rest of the raid sees you mounted, just like the guy on his Mammoth. Unfortunately you don't see it yourself though.
 My new Lock found this helm item on Timeless Isle that gave a temporary ability

The lock in a smug pose after getting 11 KB's and only 1 death, and most honor gained in Eye of the Storm.

My monk's ridiculous look in a robe and a rogue-ICC helm, already transmogged to something else though, haha.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Snapshots of Azeroth

 New hunter and his boar galopping about in Durotar
 My Druid and Monk side by side thanks to WoW lag!

 How my Druid would look as a female

 The Sky Golem underwater

 My locky is going to Northrend!

The pally got some Tier 2 Judgement pieces!

 My buddy's rocket wouldn't load lol

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WOW TellMeWhen import strings overview

Death Knight: Blood, Unholy, 2H and DW Frost
Druid: Balance and Feral
Mage: Frost and Arcane
Monk: Brewmaster and Windwalker
Paladin: Retribution and Protection
Rogue: Assassination and Combat
Shaman: Elemental and Enhancement
Warrior: Fury, Arms and Protection
Coming Soon: Warlock (Demon & Destro first)

General Info about my TellMeWhen setup across all toons
The main goal of these TellMeWhen icons is to be aware of the most important information while being able to focus on the gameplay and action. So you're not staring at action bars so much, as it's bad for your health in raids, dungeons and PVP!

The general setup is this:
There is always a Left, Center and Right icon. These show the most important DPS abilities for your class so you can make well timed decisions, using only one or two icons was too limited. Usually this consists of DOTs, Debuffs, Heavy Hitters. Sometimes Icons or Meta-Icons are used that contain more than one ability in the same spot.
Some filler abilities without a cooldown don't have an icon if that's the ability you use when no icons are showing for that spec. For example: Frostbolt, Arcane Blast, Devastate, Lightning Bolt (Ele), Wrath/Starfire.
Abilities that have short cooldowns but are still tracked are for example Bloodthirst, Mortal Strike, Crusader Strike so you hit them each time they're available. 

DPS Cooldowns and Utility are given a separate icon usually to the left and right of the Center Icon.
To the left and right of my action bars are two icons that track stuff like DOTs, Debuffs and Buffs. Sometimes there are smaller ones above them that track more of the same, this was necessary for specs like Brewmaster Monk and Feral DPS which are a bit more complex.
Over my Chatwindow is usually a wrong/missing Stance/Shield/Aura/etc icon.

  •  Let's use the Blood DK video as an example. To the left is Heart Strike. The Center icon has Death Strike, Rune Strike and Horn of Winter. To the right is the Blood Boil Proc to distinguish it from Heart Strike - and also Disease refreshers.
    The left two Buff Icons track Bone Shield + Blood Shield and everything else. The right two Debuff icons tracks Diseases on the current target. Using this you almost never have to look at your action bars or runes and can enjoy watching the gameplay instead.

  • 2H Frost DK works like this: Pillar of Frost & Raise Dead next to the Center Icon, that shows  Obliterate/Killing Machine and if those aren't up the (rune) cooldown on Obliterate as it's so important for 2H Frost. Frost Strike on the left Icon and Disease refreshers on the right.
    Buff tracker tracks Pillar of Frost and everything else on the left. And on the right the Diseases on target. Just like Blood this greatly reduces the amount of time staring at runes or action bars to know what you can do. Dual Wielding Frost is also available and shows more emphasis on the important Frost Strike for that playstyle.

  • Other general information:

  • If you have a spec of the setup I'm sharing, regardless of what tree you use for them, they will work.
  • Every link above has screenshots of what to expect, some (pally, dk, monk) have youtube videos showing how they work.
  • You can edit or delete the TMW icons or groups that are not useful to you. Most groups are named for the spec and function so it's not that hard to find your way.
  • You can move or swap icons by dragging them with right click to another place in another or newly created Tellmewhen row/column.
  • The most important icons have the Activation border, others don't. This is configured in the Events tab so you can edit that and enable or disable them to your own liking.
  • Some abilities are configured through conditions to only show for a Dungeon boss, Raid boss or if your target is PVP flagged (like DPS cooldowns.) And some abilities will not show if your target is a Dungeon or Raid boss, like Blinding Light to which they are immune.
    These conditions only work if your character is level 90. They will not work for Dungeon Bosses while leveling as there is no way to this (I think).
  • If you don't understand the functioning of an icon, check its config and its conditions page.
  • My setup is used mostly for solo play, Heroic Dungeons, LFR and PVP Battlegrounds, you may need to adjust some icons accordingly if you prefer other modes of play.
  • If you have any questions I'd be happy to help, or you can go to the Curse page of Tellmewhen, the addon author Cybelors is very helpful.
  • There's a Heroism/TimeWarp/Ancient Hysteria icon at the top for most specs (You may need to add Bloodlust here and there, as I don't have many hordies. I will add it when I update strings again though). 
  • There are PVP  icons at the left (Debuffs on you) and right (Debuffs on target) and PVP CC bar (On you) in the center above your character (to add to or replace the standard Blizzard one, mine shows the exact spell used in case you want to learn more about other classes or know what class is CC'ing you).
  • Why am I still showing my bars? I tried hiding them and using a minimalistic UI but I found in the heat of PVP battle or Raid phases it was more useful to have my 3 Bartender action bars (Razer Naga/Logitech G600 3x12=36 hotkeys with shift and control modifiers) visible with OmniCC cooldowns at a glance for optimal reaction speed. I also use Raven to still track buffs and debuffs on player and target frames and on Blizzard's default spot. Knowledge is power! :p
  • Much awesome. Such amaze (no embed for this one)

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    Balance and Feral Druid TellMeWhen import strings

    Moonkin will show Starsurge, DPS CDs and Starfall on top. It will track Moonfire and Sunfire so if you don't see the debuff icons you know to cast it. DPS cooldowns and other stuff at the right (none in this screenshot).

    Feral is a pretty complicated setup. It will show you when to use your 5 CP's on what and everything else, it will track all your buffs and debuffs. Mangle will light up when you have energy for Shred, and will change to Shred if Berserk or Tiger's Fury is active.

    Frost and Arcane Mage TellMeWhen import Strings

    Here is my tiny Gnome Frost Mage, you can see Living Bomb left, Frozen Orb center and Pet Freeze (only on non-bosses) on the right. You'll have to switch Living Bomb for the other talents if you pick those. The center Frozen Orb icon is a meta-icon that also shows Frostfire bolt to make the proc even clearer. If you target a Raid boss your DPS cooldowns will show left of the Center Icon.

    Arcane Mage showing Living Bomb left, Arcane Charge stacks center and Arcane Barrage on the right (only if you have spent your Arcane Missiles! proc(s)). There's DOT and buff tracking icons but they're not showing in this screenshot, they are on the next one though.

    Here is a config screenshot of the Arcane Mage. You can see Dot tracking, DPS buff tracking on the left, and on the right Alter Time and Utility buffs. (About the same for Frost spec).

    I used to have a Fire setup but unfortunately WOW crashed a few days ago and I lost everything so had to redo mage from scratch and since he just dinged he doesn't have enough crit to play Fire yet, when I do make a Fire setup I will update the string though.

    Fury Protection Arms Warrior TellMeWhen string

    Mads asked for this in the comments, added Arms warrior setup for Kriss.
    update: Added two screenshots of Fury and Prot in action at training dummy.

    Fury: Raging Blow left, Colossus Smash and Recklessness center and Bloodthirst on the right. You can see Enrage being tracked and a proc buff on the right. (Oops I'm in Defensive Stance :P)

    Prot: You can see Thunder Clap on the left; Berserker Rage (and Defensive CDs meta-icon), Shield Slam and Recklessness (DPS CDs meta-icon) in the center and Revenge on the right.

    This older screenshot is of the Fury config if you're not sure what's going on lol:
    Here is an older config screenshot for Fury, a little more explanation using Fury spec as example:

    left icon: Raging Blow, Berserker Rage to get Raging Blow active
    right icon: Bloodthirst, Bloodsurge proc (free Wild Strikes), and Wild Strike if you're very close to capping rage and nothing else is available

    left center icon: Heroic Strike and Victory Rush

    center icon (top bar): Colossus Smash, Execute, Bladestorm (or the other Talents), shout if no rage

    right center icon: Recklessness, and other cooldowns.

    tracking buffs:
    left buffs: Enrage and Recklessness (and others)
    right debuffs: Colossus Smash, Sunder Armor

    (There's no screenshot for arms as I'm currently not specced as it.)

    here's the string for Fury, Arms & Protection Warrior: