Monday, December 15, 2014

Fury & Protection/Gladiator Warrior TellMeWhen string 6.0

update: Fury & Prot/Glad updated for WOD 6.0 (Arms still MOP config)
Link to Tellmewhen overview with more information

Fury: This was a real piece of work! Following the Icy Veins guide, the icons showing up will show you the most important buttons to press first, excluding ones that should be avoided and still giving you choices. You can check out the conditions to learn more about it, it's a bit too complicated to give a full explanation here. Rest assured the icons lighting up will give you something close to the perfect rotation.
Berserker Rage & Raging Blow left, Execute/Talent abilities center (Ravager separate so you can time it for aoe phase if need be), and Bloodthirst/Wild Strike on the right.
On the left of the Center Execute/Talent Icon will be some Offensive (Recklessness and Avatar will only show if target is a boss) and Defensive cd's like Victorious if your HP requires it.
Then there's the bottom four. On the left are Offensive buffs and Enrage, on the right Defensive buffs and Whirlwind availability (30+ rage) and Glyph of Raging Wind. On top of that I've put Bladestorm since that's a special one to time and  you don't wanna use it on single target.

Only Furious Strikes and Unquenchable Thirst are not included for Fury as I use Sudden Death. Gladiator & Tank support all viable talents.

Prot: Regular tanking and Gladiator Talent included.
On the left is Thunder Clap (not on Glad but shows above left Buffs below as you can see in the screenshot) & Heroic Strike, Center is Shield Slam and Talent abilities, on the right Revenge and Execute (as opposed to in Fury where Execute is on center meta-icon).
Bottom left you'll find Shield Block and Shield Barrier, on the right other Defensive buffs and Bladestorm/Bloodbath availability with Bloodbath debuff on top of it.
A stance Icon for when you're not in what you're supposed to be shows too to remind you to switch back.

here's the string for Fury & Protection/Gladiator Warrior: (Arms is old config for MOP, may update it in the future but not likely, hate Colossus Smash!)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Balance & Feral Druid TellMeWhen import strings 6.0.3

Link to Tellmewhen overview with more information
Update: All Moonkin & Feral lvl 100 talents  included
Guardian setup included without lvl 100 talents

Moonkin has received a MAJOR overhaul and this setup is making me actually enjoy Balance now.

The Wrath & Starfire Icons will show you to cast the appropriate spells for the Eclipse phase, when you're approaching the end of a Solar/Lunar I will already show you to switch Starfire/Wraths so when your cast ends you get the appropriate Eclipse Bonus. Euphoria and Non-Euphoria conditions ensure the smoothest rotation. Celestial Alignment overwrites both to show Empowerement is up on the correct side if you happened to press it at the end of an Eclipse transition!
Stellar Flare is also included, but in the Right-Auras box on the left which you can see the third setup screenshot you will have to slide it to give it higher priority than tracking your Starfall buff.

Missing Dot appears above the Moonfire Tracker next to my castbar, it will show at Peak for Moonfire if there's less than 20 seconds remaining on it, and always for Sunfire. It'll also show when just missing. The Starfall Icon next to the Starsurge Icon in the center will change to Sunfall if you are in Solar as an extra indication your Eclipse phase has changed (Nothing to do with the Glyph that changes Starfall into Sunfall).

One thing I still have planned for Moonkin is getting the dot icon to show if celestial alignment is up and about to run out so I can cast both dots with max strength twice.

The picture below shows the ridiculous setup. Nevermind the top left row, that was my first try without letting Wrath/Starfire icons switch to their opposite spell upon nearly transitioning to another Eclipse phase. I've left it in for backup purposes.

The first row of Wraths and Starfires is for the Talent Euphoria. The second row is without Talent Euphoria. And the third row overwrites both when Celestial Alignment is active so if you happen to press CA during a transition at the end of a Lunar of Solar phase your Icon to show which side is empowered will show correctly!
There's also even a simple configuration for when you shift to Bear or Kitty form.


Feral will show you when to use your 5 CP's on what, and everything else. It will track all your buffs and debuffs. Rake Left, Center Finishers (Ferocious Bite will light up extra at 50 energy and simply show without an activation border light-up at 25), Shred on right. Buffs and Dots at the bottom.
From left to right: Rake, Savage Roar, Rip, Other Buffs. Above other buffs is Thrash and above Rake is the Bloodtalons icon. The level 100 talents Moonfire, Bloodtalons and Claws of Shirvallah are all supported. This video is with Bloodtalons talent active.

There's a Guardian setup included although not all talents are included of which none of the level 100s because I specced out of it as soon as I dinged max-level, so no video or screenshots either for a while at least. I basically just dabble with Guardian while leveling to get some instant dungeons. Most boring tank spec in the game IMO for several expansions now. Barkskin on the bear worst animation in the game as far as I'm concerned lol. But the tank setup will display the most useful offensive and defensive stuff, you'll have just have to add the level 100 talents.