Thursday, December 7, 2017

Legion New UI screenshots

I'm playing again and I might make some vids and share my Tellmewhen setups for all classes soon. For now here's a look at my UI.

A lot has changed since my last UI. The Player and Target frames (and Party frames) show the character model in the background instead of a separate portrait. Those frames and the action bars also auto-hide if there's no target, I'm mounted, or if I'm not in combat. Buffs have moved to the left upper part of the screen, for the buffs under 2 minutes there are also timer bars under the icons.

Party & Raid Frames, now shiny with the character models in the background, have moved to the upper right side of the screen. Minimap to the bottom right.

Here's the Raid frames, 40 players make them a little smaller and hide the mana bars (shown to Innervate healers in 5-25 player raids)

Here's the UI in action. You can see the buff timer bars on the upper left. Under that is a section for 4 big Debuff icons and under 2 minutes they also show bars. I'm not quite happy with the buff/debuff starting/ending text under the player frame. I might just hide it. There's also new combat text above the target frames thanks to Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text which is very small unless it's high damage or crits, I also keep MSBT on the forefront.

Addon list:
Auras: TellMeWhen
Bars: Bartender
Buffs: Raven
Cast Bar: Quartz
Chat: BasicChatMods
DamageTXT: Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text & MSBT
Damage Counter: Skada
Font: SharedMediaAdditionalFonts and the font is Exprswyfree
Frames: Pitbull
Mimamp: Sexymap
Quest Tracker: Quester

Honorable Mentions not visible:
Bags: Adibags
Boss mods: DBM + VEM female voicepack + Overwatch Counters, GTFO
Chat filter: Badboy
Collections & Loot: Allthethings, CanIMogIt, Pawn, PersonalLootHelper
Disenchant: EasyDisenchant
Map: Handynotes, Telemancy
Move stuff: MoveAnything
Open stuff: NewOpenables
Options: AdvancedInterfaceOptions, Leatrix Plus
Questing: WQGF
Reputation: ParagonReputation
Resources: EnergyWatch (Skinned with Skinner), NugComboBar
Sim: SimulationCraft
Spell Anouncing: RSA Spell Anouncer
Questing: Immersion

Stats: DejaCharacterStats
Talent Builds: Talented
UI Skinning: Masque, Skinner (not visible on the screenshots)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ConsolePort addon for WOW - Play with a ps4/xbox/steam controller!

Consoleport on Wow Interface - Consoleport on Curse - Consoleport on Curseforge

The addon author has done so much great work to give us loads of keybinding options, check out the link for images of the amazing UI for it.
I'm gonna go for the DS4 as it has the trackpad and the PS button. I already have a scheme worked out in my head. There are so many more options than just using Joytokey with a Rumblepad like I tried (was not working at all).
Now I just have to wait for my arms to hurt a little less so I can re-sub and test it out. I would just use this for questing and dungeons, any other content like pvp and raiding is out of the questing for me anyway. But thanks so much to the addon author for making this and giving me hope that I can play a little more than only a very few times with long pauses in between when I sub for a month.

Check out his youtube videos, there's configuration videos there too, here are some in action vids though:

Thoughts about Legion

I'm not sure if I'll even buy it, first reason is obviously cause it hurts my hands and arms to play, and I can just keep leveling in WOD. But also because many of Blizzard's decisions are really disappointing.

What I'm happy about/looking forward to if hands improve and I can sub:

  • Demon Hunters, obviously
  • new melee combat (and other spell) animations
  • Retribution and Fury animations look pretty nice
  • new Druid form models, show us the NELF one already!
  • Balance Druid Eclipse gone and replaced by something a lot more fun
  • scaled leveling
  • new Transmog wardrobe system
  • new hunter melee spec
  • some of the class halls look less underwhelming than the others... I like the Warrior and Druid ones most I guess
  • ability pruning, only because it'll make playing on a gamepad a lot easier, but it's nice to see a lot of barely used spells go. Especially Shaman needed the pruning so bad.
  • New class rotations look pretty good so far, if a little simple
  • Outlaw Rogues
  • the new awesome looking ConsolePort addon gives me hope I could play for a little longer than with keyboard & mouse

    I'm less happy about: 

  • no flying except through another fucking insane achievement, FUCK YOU
  • Dalaran recycling is seriously pathetic after scrapping the WOD cities
  • If Dalaran is a lagfest again like in WOTLK, am I still supposed to take Blizzard seriously?
  • the new combat animations being re-used for every spec with some different colors around them, so much for that class identity? And goodbye to racial animations, wtf?
  • the new continent seems really unimpressive
  • the biggest dev team delivering the least new / most recycled content
  • artifact weapons and its lame talent system seem underwhelming
  • Survival is now melee - cool, but a polearm? ugh!
  • Only a charboost if you pre-order, nice try
  • probably only two raid tiers again
  • Class Order halls look like some half-assed lazy design
  • The Warrior Class Hall ARENA!!!!! It's just a small ass circle fgs, are you serious?
  • The Paladin Class Hall is underground, what about the Light though? Who came up with this?!
  • No idea what kind of Elf I'd use for a Demon Hunter, all their melee animations (now) never appealed to me. Probably a male or female night elf.
  • The Emerald Nightmare raid preview was underwhelming but I knew anything Emerald Dream related would be disappointing with my expectations for it
  • if only the uncriticizing fanboys would realize how much more Blizzard would do for us if they didn't apologize for them in reply to every fair critical post...

    That's all I can think of at the moment, so definitely not buying at launch after the WOD disaster. Maybe I'll get it later if I can get that gamepad addon working well and my arms are in better shape.
  • Some screenshots from my sporadic gametime

    I usually sub for a month now and then take a 3 month break just about, my condition is still the same unfortunately.
    I was going to Ashran the last night of a sub running out, not to pvp much because I don't have the reaction speed for it anymore but to roam around a bit for "old times sake", I got a book of flightform on my druid! I thought I was special until I saw a flying mount by someone with the achievement ;p So I at least was able to fly once in Draenor since that crazy achievement is out of the question with my arms, still pissed off about that. Being able to fly with my alts would make questing a lot easier and less tedious on 11 toons.
    I checked the AH for mounts and was so happy I was able to get that ogrish mount thing and a wolf since farming for one is no longer possible, I looked up how to get that big mount and it required ilvls I'd have no way of achieving, nice I was able to get it from the AH then!
    Then there's a timewalking screenshot of my Gnome Mage turning huge on the Throne of the Tides endboss. 
    I used the anniversary wand to turn into a Shadow Murloc, was pretty fun until we wiped and it was gone. 
    And I finally got the SELFIE toy, yay!

    Friday, March 27, 2015

    No WOW for me for the foreseeable future

    My arms from fingertips to shoulders are still suffering from inflammation almost instantly if I do any sort of continuous activity, they are just not healing and so there's no gaming in any form for me for the foreseeable future. (Healer?! :p)

    I've gotten a few comments of people asking rudely for updates lately, so I've deleted them and I'm disabling the comments system. I've added information in the sidebar so people who didn't check the latest blogposts are at least informed. It's not hard at all to configure Tellmewhen so learn how to do it if you want it updated, or ask around in Azeroth or on any wow-forum or ask Cybeloras the author on the Tellmewhen Curse page.

    Appreciate your health if you are able to play WOW, I really miss it and all my other hobbies that involve hands and arms (yeah, that's pretty much all of them obviously).

    This is a documentary about Lyme's Disease, I'm posting it here just to spread the word as we need more research to be able to treat it effectively.

    Friday, January 16, 2015

    Have to quit wow a while

    I bought this trackball to operate with my feet or hands, and unfortunately it's unresponsive as hell and the rightclick has a delay so sending it back. I was using Dragonsoft naturally speaking voice recognition to control the game but it's exhausting and very slow.

    I have no other choice but to quit wow entirely and share my UI later when I'm able to come back, really unhappy about it.

    Friday, January 9, 2015

    Next week

    Some bad health news received this week, my arm injury is getting worse and the reason is my Lyme's disease but I need additional tests because according to the professor I'm going to it can't be just Lyme. My immune system is "on fire" and I have to rest my arms a lot this week. I hope to be able to get some vids and UI stuff out but it will have to wait at least a week. Until then not much wow at all for me and I haven't done any combat or instance in a week already, meh! Stay tuned!

    Sunday, January 4, 2015

    Some plans delayed due to arm injury

    I want to get more videos out and bundle my UI for download soon but have to delay it a bit because my arm injury is worsening lately, stay tuned cause the updates will eventually make their way online!

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    TellMeWhen Addon Setup for Blood, Frost (2h & DW), Unholy Death Knight 6.0

    update: All Specs Blood/Frost DW & 2H/Unholy included

    Lvl 100 talents: Blood & Frost has support for Defile. Frost has support for Breath.
    Coming soon: Necrotic Plague, and Plague Leech support.

    All specs are included though Unholy needs a tuning. Frost Dual Wield and 2Handed are supported on the fly and have their own Obliterate/Frost Strike/Howling Blast sets for an optimal rotation (lighting up what's most impotant). It's quite nifty!

    It works no matter which spec or talent tree (1st or 2nd) you use. Unholy can use some refining now that Cybeloras from TMW has upgraded the Rune Condition system but I'll have to spec for it first, it'll still work decently in the meantime though.

    (BTW my DK just looks like a ghoul because of Hallow's End ;p)

    There's an Interrupt Icon on the left hand upper side of the screen (Where I show enemy cast bar)I also included a Dispell Magic icon, like the Mage's Spellsteal, if Glyph of Icy Touch is used.


    left: Frost Strike, center: Obliterate, right: Howling Blast
    left from center icon: Offensive and Defensive cooldowns, and Soul Reaper.
    right from center icon: Blood Plague upkeep (Outbreak, Unholy Blight, Plague Strike)

    2H: Obliterate Icon will show the Killing Machine icon if it's up and Frost Strike will be less emphasized unless you're capping on Runic Power soon. Howling Blast will only show greyed out for AOE phases so don't HB unless it's lit up or you need to do AOE.

    DW: Frost Strike Icon will show the Killing Machine icon if it's up and Obliterate will only be shown if you have an unholy rune to get rid of. Howling Blast will show but will always leave one death rune up for Obliterate if you need it. It seems to work great mashing a Training Dummy!

    Left Buffs: Offensive and Defensive, with Dark Succor above the Offensive Buffs in its own icon.
    Right Debuffs: Diseases

    Blood Tank

    Left: Diseases, Center: Death Strike & Death Coil, Right: Blood Boil
    Center Left: Defensive Cooldowns
    Center Right: Death n Decay, Remorseless Winter
    Left Buffs: Defensive, Right Debuffs: Diseases

    I've kept the rotation at its most simple, Everything will just show when it's available.
    Death Coil will show when about to cap Runic Power.
    The Death Strike stacks that increase healing by using Blood Boil will show on the DS icon so use your own judgement when to spend it.
    What I have done is added TMW icons for every Defensive Cooldown as you can see below:

    Depending on different Health levels and other conditions all these cooldowns will show up so you can tank your dungeons without any care in the world. As long as you need them, stronger cooldowns will keep showing up. This is mostly for dungeons and pvp as again, I never raid tank.
    Blood Tap is not included, as you need to use that preemptively.
    Soul Reaper will show to the right of the center DS Icon so you can choose when you want to use it.

    There's also a Stoneform Icon for if you're a Dwarf, if you're not, just disable that 
    (it's above the left PVP icons)


    Left: Festering Strike, Center: Scourge Strike & Death Coil, Right: Diseases
    Left Center: Offensive Cooldowns (Dark Transformation, Gargoyle)

    Left: Buffs (Shadow Infusion has its own icon), Right: Diseases

    Important! Install the latest TMW alpha version for this to work, when a newer release comes you can install it over this alpha.

    Update 31/12: Dual Wield had some errors in conditions, working a lot better now! Frost Strike will only show when runic power =>76  or Killing Machine is active.