Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9k gold and 4 hours later, Enchanting was speedleveled

It sounded like such a good idea when I started lol. I took up Herbalism & Skinning first, cause I had all profs anyway on alts and I couldn't be arsed to do another crafting prof. But skinning wasn't doing much for me and I wanted a better perk since I'm raiding with the Monk now.
Haste (Lifeblood) & Crit (Master of Anatomy) aren't bad but Agility (Enchant Rings) is still better, and this way I didn't have to do the Shado-Pan & August Celestial dailies for reputation with my Enchanter Shaman who I barely play, and only have to do them with the Monk. Again, cause my original main Druid already did 'em :p.
Patch 5.1 tomorrow, more dailies yaay... wtf lol what's wrong with Blizzard?! Give us back reputation tabards! But also some nice quality of life changes for monk: Tiger Power 3 stacks in one, 10% movement speed, Healing spheres 20 energy cheaper and Buffs only cost 20 energy anymore, Fists of Fury haste bug fixed and American players say the Ascension 15% increased energy regen change went live after all despite not being in patch notes, yay!