Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2!

Just started playing this and am really impressed with it so far, looks and feels great! The combat is a lot of fun and the dynamic events are such a step up for MMOs!

The city Divinity's Reach is amazing, I can't believe the scale of it! Can't wait to explore some more tomorrow!

Geez even with spaces allowed most names I tried were already taken! I settled for Hime Nyu. Princess Nyu. Nyu!!! (Elfen Lied ;p)

Small note, I had to delete my first toon because long hair clips through a shield (and other stuff I read on forums), long hair is apparently a bad idea in GW2 so if you still have to make a toon give it short hair! Clipping is not cool Arenanet, but if we consider the horrible clipping for WOW's Cataclysm Worgen it's easily forgiven, my Warrior Worgen turned into an orc because of this, and I rolled a Rogue Worgen instead, which I barely play.