Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mellorine! Alison Brie-Swan

Mellorine is Sanji from One Piece's utterance when seeing a beautiful woman. Sanji is a (love-)cook and Mellorine is a sort of imitation icecream. Mero Mero is an onomatopoeia that characterizes the state of being madly in love and/or falling down drunk! When Sanji sees Nami, he usually calls her Nami-chwan (from Chan, endearing suffix in japanese) or Swan (graceful animal :p).

Couldn't really find a great video on youtube so looking into how to cut and upload videos myself, and finding a good episode to cut from. Post will be edited then! Anyway here's Alison! Mellorine! Mellorine!

Alison Brie plays Annie Edison on Community, one of my favorite funny shows.

She's also great on Mad Men, but I find that show unwatchable.

Here's a clip from community, Annie's adorable Disney face!