Friday, October 31, 2014

TellMeWhen Addon setup for Brewmaster & Windwalker Monk 6.0

info & string updated for WOD 6.0 (vids & screenshots are from MOP though)

Sharing my TMW configuration setup for my Brewmaster & Windwalker Monk. Tellmewhen is a great addon similar to Power Auras and Weak Auras, these 2 addons didn't work well for me at MOP release (auras disappearing out the config, either not working in combat or making it so you could not edit them again, ever :p, not really functional.) so I had to swap and I never looked back. Many thanks to the very awesome project manager Cybeloras for all his help! The import string is at the end of this post.

Update: The screenshots & videos for Windwalker and Brewmaster in action are from MOP, but the string and info are for 6.0.

Brewmaster has been updated from MOP to make you Purify even at a Light Stagger since that's a thing now, unfortunately. Almost all defensive cooldowns are included so you see what to press without having to think too much. Left: Jab, Center: Chi finishers, Right: Blackout Kick.
Buffs and debuffs at the bottom. Left from the Center Icon there's the Defensive CD button and I've included almost all of them.

Below you can see it in action, I use a 3 icon setup for all my chars one on the left (Eye icon, Tiger Palm), the right (Leg Sweep, Rising Sun Kick and for BM: Breath of Fire) and the hard hitters in the center - for the Monk though, these are the chi building abilities and Fists of Fury (unhighlighted when off cd, highlighted when 3 chi are available). Left from the Center icon is a cooldown button. To the right of the center button are situational abilities: Leg Sweep and Touch of Death.

Near the action bars are 4 icons, 2 on each sides, used for buffs and debuffs. It's the most ridiculous on BM tank and has about 8 icons used there to make the complicated buff & debuff management a bit easier.

Here's the MOP Windwalker setup in action on Youtube video:

Next is the MOP Brewmaster setup:

Here is the profile import string, to import it, type "/tmw options" to open the config and copy paste this wall of text below into the text box at the bottom of the Tellmewhen window and click Import - From String. Hope you enjoy the TMW addon and these icons help you in setting up your own UI!

Updated for 6.0