Monday, December 3, 2012

Fonter messing up your Loss of Control font in WoW 5.1?

"Does anybody know which of the font options links to the moviesubtitlefont? Apparently if you change this the new LossofControl UI font looks very bad?"
Citing FrameXML FontStyles.xml Code:

So, if you use Fonter: see line 81 of Fonter.lua which edits this style as such: Code:

So, comment out that line (by putting [[ in front and ]] after it) and it's fixed! (Thanks to Kaustos!)

Unfortunately this will cause an error on almost every login, and also revert your quest text, raid frames, player names, tooltips and pvp text (top of screen) to the horrendously ugly fritz quadrata.

I didn't want the error so I found this SharedMediaAdditionalFonts! I added my beloved Expressway Free and Harlequin fonts to it to restore them to most of my addon fonts. Tiptac fixed the tooltip font, I'm already getting used to the rest. I just want new raid frames now lol. (update -> bingo)

If SharedMediaAdditionalFonts is too much of a hassle for ya, you can just replace the Skurri font (the horrible italic font used on unit frames) throughout WoW by making a Fonts folder and renaming any font you like into Skurri.tff there. More info about that here.

I tweaked my PVP tmw icons again now that I can use Blizzard's loss of control ;p

I removed the pvp icons and just added a bar with the name of the spell that the blizzard UI is showing (so I can learn about other classes CC).