Saturday, December 1, 2012

Learn Japanese: You!

There are so many ways to say "You" in Japanese, I'll just have to link to another blogpost again as they've already done the work. Knowing these may erase a bit of confusion if you're watching Anime.

Check out this post at Nihonshock: Saying “You” in Japanese.

あなた Anata is the formal "you", it's also not used very much. 君 Kimi is mostly used informally toward females, notably girlfriends.

Here are informal/rude ones and the ones you will hear most in anime:

お前 omae - informal towards someone (considered by the speaker) of lower status, or towards a friend (no need to be overly polite).

and the following three are downright derogatory:
きさま (貴様) - kisama
てめえ (手前)- temee
己 - onore

These last four are often translated as insults even. For instance when someone has insulted or treated the speaker - or someone they care about - badly, "temee!" will often be translated as "you bastard..." instead of "you", it could also be considered "why you..."