Monday, February 18, 2013

Naga double clicking problem: how to fix it (for the optimistic) UPDATE

Halfway fix for Razer Naga using the program: Autohotkey + buggymouse script

This program will fix the double-click problem by cancelling out double-clicks that happen too fast (so the automatic double click the mouse sends). But it will not fix the selecting text problem. If you try selecting text by dragging your mouse it will still cancel out a LOT. But at least it's a bit less annoying in Windows Explorer for instance you keep moving or opening files when you don't want to. Also, sometimes left click will simply not work.
I'm getting a Logitech G600 cause there's no way Razer is getting more of my money after this bullshit.

old post:

There's just no way I'm attempting this. I have a Razer Naga and a Razer Arctosa keyboard and I'm not very pleased with either. I couldn't play WoW or Guild Wars 2 anymore without my Naga but since they are set to 123 instead of Num I always see shit like é"'(§è in my other games as keybindings which is just very unhelpful and they barely get used in other games. This doubleclicking problem is a huge pain and the keyboard, well let's just say I'm cursed to be born in Belgium where we use Azerty, so I have a French keyboard layout from razer while the actual layout used is Belgian cause god forbid we actually use the same fucking layouts, no that would be too practical. While trying to clean the mouse there's some visual wear & tear on the right mouse button after only a few months of having bought it. I don't think I'll ever buy something from Razer again, not that other companies are much better.