Monday, December 17, 2012

Part of why I bought a PS3 - PC Keybinding options often suck

I'm so tired of developers giving pc gamers such shit options for keybinding. Skyrim is like a console port to pc, no using the mouse in menus, really? Ingame, I can only use tab to exit menus and it can't be bound to something else, really? - so I downloaded a mod which links the character-screen to tab, and now I have to alt+f4 if I want to get out of a chest-picklocking-menu, lovely!

Tried to install ps3 controller on pc, which worked, but Skyrim only supports that wretched X-Box 360 controller (another shit option given by developpers, nevermind that expensive Logitech or other brandname PC gamepad you bought!).

So I decide to test out the ps3 controller in SF2VSTekken, apparently it's not all the same how you keybind it cause if you forget one that has to be bound (and it's not gamebreaking at all, otherwise I'd have bound it), it says "keybinding incomplete", frustrating! After a bit of googling I found all the menu buttons had to be bound... who cares?! Finally got that sorted, when I was able to play, I found the game was lagging tremendously like I'm playing in slow motion, so fuck this. Shutting down my pc right now and gonna play on my PS3 for a while lol... The year 2012 and we still have to put up with all this random user-unfriendly bullshit.