Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Step into the Arena!

Really enjoyed my first Arena conquest capping and thanks to Gluttonyy for making it possible! He was great though the next screenshots rather selfishly focus on my own good matches ;p I just pressed the prtscr button after I did well. (That's Gannicus from Spartacus in the image.)
The first really cool win had me up against a resto druid and arms warrior, and I finished them both off with Fists of Fury!
 This was a really close one with a Frost Death Knight where we were both with very low HP at the end.
Here Gluttonyy channeled Fists of Fury right after I did which made for an awesome win!

We did some battlegrounds after with the Guild and I got Quick Cap with the Monk, though it's not very hard with Roll and Flying Serpent Kick lol! Also got Powerball in the new Temple bg.

Earlier in the evening I saw Galleon for the first time and got a new helm with a coin roll! The FPS drop was ridiculous lol, so many people. Twas a good day!