Friday, January 25, 2013

All hail King of the Nerds JJ Abrams!

Yes the director of the new Star Trek reboot will be directing the new Star Wars. Whoa, this guy must have all his dreams come true. I mean what else could you wish for?! I'm pretty happy with it. I liked the new Star Trek (even though I miss the TNG universe, a lot), minus a few things that could have been done better in my opinion it was a great reboot. I was a huge fan of his Alias series, I liked Lost (even watched it to the end!) and Fringe. I thought Super 8 was a very entertaining movie that had some of that old Spielberg magic. His dad loved reading Robert Anton Wilson who is my hero and he's obviously influenced by it too, so I'm really looking forward to the new Star Wars. Congratulations JJ Abrams, King of the Nerds!

Update: enthusiasm killed by the steaming pile of crap that was Into Darkness!