Sunday, January 6, 2013

Help flashing a WM8650 Bruneau Bluetech Tablet - my touchscreen isn't working

I have a Bruneau WM8650 Bluetech Tablet. I have followed the following steps:
  • Download Uberoid 11 (or 12, result is the same)
  • Extract it
  • Get an SDCARD connected to pc
  • open CHANGER.BAT
  • LOC nl (dutch) BE (belgium)
  • RT3070 enter enter
  • UNPHONE enter enter
  • 82 (or 89, works too, same result)
  • Copy original env_boot firmware file to replace the new one on the SDCARD
  • Copy uzImage.bin fix to replace the file on the SDCARD
  • Format the SDCARD and copy to it.insert SDCARD into tablet, boot it. 
  • It will now install perfectly and boot the new OS.
Now my touchscreen no longer works, have tried reinstalling several times.

I can connect a USB mouse which works perfectly, if I go to settings - touchscreen calibration - i can only calibrate it with the mouse and it gives the result calibrate failed each time.

Can someone please help me out with what the problem is or how to fix? Thanks!