Friday, October 31, 2014

Rogue Assassination & Combat Tellmewhen Setup 6.0

update: string and info updated for WOD 6.0 (MOP screenshots though)

Rogue Assassination/Combat
Here you can see I have Slice and Dice up, Rupture going and a trinket proc. I have 5 combo points as indicated by EnergyWatch and the Pitbull Circles left of the Target Frame, which means I can use Eviscerate as shown by the center icon.

Here I have one combo point up and I have enough energy to use Mutilate as you can see by the righthand side Icon. (Compared to the next screenshot of the configuration, you can see the center TMW icons have been lowered a bit to see more of the action.)
There's also a dispell enrage TMW that checks if Shiv is available for both specs.

Rogue Assassination/Combat import TellMeWhen string: