Sunday, January 13, 2013

Screw the people behind Big Bang Theory and the movie Noobz

This horrible trailer for this no doubt horrible movie is just like Big Bang Theory in that it is putting geeks into a ridiculous negative light, for some reason people who like to game always have to be awkward social outcasts on tv and in movies. I mean who the hell is their target demographic supposed to be? I can self-relativate, but that's obviously not the goal here. 

See the latest Big Bang Theory episode - Like loving comic books and star trek makes you stupid, immature or inferior?! *Cough* dressing up in your favorite sports team gear *cough*. 

Video games are the no.1 entertainment industry leaving Hollywood in the dust by millions of revenue, some comic books and graphic novels are a lot more sophisticated than a lot of novels out there. 

It's about time the retarded movie and tv media realize this, or maybe they already do and this is their pathetic little way of trying to cling to the little attention they still receive, but putting the competitors that beat them into the ground into a negative light. Now I think of it, in games and comics, both TV and Hollywood get smashed on all the time, the only difference is it's done rightfully so. Mwaha.