Friday, March 8, 2013

I was a bit busy, here's why! Game Mania!

First of all I was celebrating my birthday all week, but next to that were some of the fruits of that bday.

Crysis 3 - PC - Looks gorgeous, but already lost points due to a no-ammo bug in mission 2 that required a patch. How freaking hard is it to release a game without bugs? Is there seriously no QA being done anymore? And everytime I'm stuck in a game and decide to - for once - explore instead of look up how to go on, it's a freaking bug! Anyway the weapons and suit are really great and should be great fun to continue the game.

Tera - PC - is free to play now! The biggest restriction is only 2 character slots. I really like the graphics and combat, though the quests are just WoW-boring as hell. I even like the Elin that everybody seems to hate cause they're children! Jaded paranoid messed up people... And to go on about people. If you consider WoW Trade Chat to an asocial city of asswipes, Tera's area chat can be compared to a social village of asshats... The big downside of MMO's... people...

Tekken 6 - PS3 - I don't like fighting games where you have to fight with 2 players so I didn't wanna get Tag Tournament, but maybe I should have. I find Tekken 6's graphics unimpressive, the loadtimes unbearable, the fighting way too similar to PS2's Tekken 5. All the characters are already unlocked, you can only unlock appearances, and there's a simple adventure "sidescrolling-style" combat game that I don't know is worth anyone's time. Bah. I hope it grows on me.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - PS3 - I should have remembered these games from the PS2. Unimpressive slow graphics, 4 heroes constantly walking in eachother's way. I hope it grows on me too. The cinematics and voice acting are pretty cool though.

Ready to install: Tomb Raider and COD:BO2.
Still playing: WoW patch 5.2, Skyrim.