Friday, October 31, 2014

Destruction & Demonology Warlock TellMeWhen setup 6.0

This Destro screenshot shows you when to cast your abilities, you can see Burning Embers being tracked on the bottom left. Chaos Bolt will only show when you got 3+ BE's or a damage buff going on. ROF will show when not active to the right of the Center Chaos Bolt icon. Above the Burning Ember tracker you'll see Fire and Brimstone & Havoc when enabled, and your DOT next to it. On the right side Damage Buffs are tracked, and above Backdraft you'll find Defensive Buffs and Burning Rush in one Icon.

Demonology will show you how much Demonic Fury you got, when in Demonform it will show you if its getting low. Not just on the Bottom Left, but also left next to the Center Soul Fire Icon.
Hand of Gul'dan on the right. Dot tracking on the bottom right. Soul Fire icon will only show when its optimal to cast. When in Demonform you'll see Doom where you see Corruption here on the screenshot, and when to refresh Corruption with your Touch of Chaos if the DOT is about to fall off.