Saturday, November 8, 2014

Awesome Heart of Fear run offtanking as Bear... without Heart of the Wild talent

Just did a great run of the 2nd part of Heart of Fear LFR. We only had one Warrior Tank and apparently excellent healers (although none seemed really overgeared after inspecting all of 'em) and my own ilvl is 519.

In the second fight the tank got transformed so I changed to Bear Form and tanked with Frenzied Regeneration, Mangle and Shred (Barkskin was on cooldown! :p), then the tank died so I got away from the enemies and Rebirthed, score! We got the boss. I didn't even have the Heart of the Wild talent so props to the healers!

In the last fight against the Empress the tank had to get rid of his stacks, he said in chat for someone to taunt so here comes Bear again lol! I didn't have the common sense to change my talent to Heart of the Wild but I survived it again, twice, haha. Oh man, I love stuff like this in LFR and just WOW in general, having a class that can save the day. Of course it was waaay too hectic and sudden to take screenshots in combat. But you can see the Bear damage and healing on these Skada screenshots.

I've still got like 20 gold coins on my drood so getting all the transmog gear I can from the early WOD raids while I still can.