Thursday, November 13, 2014

Character Not Found! Here's some screenshots instead!

This was done very fast with Starfall lol! Had to Heart of the Wild and go in Bearform after I got a little too much attention!

All in all I'm pretty disappointed with the launch, had to wait an hour to be able to get online. Played with a bit of lag then but that was surprisingly ok. Today was a disaster though. The garrisons are broken, Shadowmoon is incredibly laggy, and now Character not Found across the board.
I also think they should have added those no-mount bubbles (they had one around Khadgar in Blasted Lands) around EVERY quest character at least the first few weeks in WOD.
I guess merging more realms before the launch wasn't the greatest idea either.

I leveled a few toons to the garrison part, only my Warrior has quested out Shadowmoon Valley as far as possible though. Doing the dungeon was a pain too as most people who joined couldn't zone in and had to be replaced. I also tanked it once, only 2 DPS and the healer kept pulling which makes me want to punch him through the freaking internet, but all in all a nice dungeon.