Friday, November 14, 2014

Let's face it, the WOD Launch is a disaster

I know, I know... there is a huge amount of people trying to play the game and it's hard to cope with that. Though you can't tell me Blizzard can't afford to put a few extra servers to take the load the first weeks of the expansion... You also can't fool me with the excuse that Blizzard is the target of a DDOS attack, they could and should have been able to at least stop it after a day. The ridiculous bandaid of queues to log in isn't helping at all either. I'm on a medium realm, that just got merged before the expansion with a low-pop realm... I don't believe the lag we're experiencing in Shadowmoon is just a heavy load of players - if it is, the infrastructure is just terribly insufficient for it as it is not playable, it takes five to ten minutes to see the input come out on the screen if something happens at all. The instance servers for Garrisons are also just completely incapable of handling the load, especially if it's like this at ten in the freaking morning - so not at peak times.
24 minutes isn't that bad you say? The real time isn't 24 minutes but a lot longer...
LOL here is the proof! I didn't even have to edit this post it just changed while I was still typing this:
Further in the queue but triple the time!

My sub runs out tomorrow at one in the afternoon, I already cancelled it in advance because I need to rest my hands and arms. I will only re-sub once there are no problems anymore whatsoever...
My 11 max level toons are all parked in a Shadowmoon Valley inn, it was a pain to get them there as I kept getting ported around the garrison and had to get there with insane, just insane lag.
Only my warrior is level 91, all the other toons are still 90. The Warrior was able to do the rest of the quests in Shadowmoon, the lag was too bad to do with the other toons. I still have a max level DK on a horde server, but that one is the Locked kind of full so the queues (and the latency) will be ridiculous so not even trying that.
We can't do battlegrounds cause the instance servers are having the worst problems. If you even get into a dungeon, and are able to port in, the rest of your party probably won't be able to. So there isn't a single way to get xp or even get out of shadowmoon because hearthstones and flight paths don't work!