Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Favorite Melee DPS specs at level 90 in 6.0

I haven't played the Beta so I haven't tried the lvl 100 talents, or any set bonuses, also not factoring in how much damage they do compared to the rest. This is just a list of much fun I'm having with each spec after their 6.0 overhaul and sharing my opinions on what I like and don't like about 'em. Most specs are reaaaally close in enjoyment for me so don't take this list too seriously at all. I also gotta say, since I don't raid seriously anymore and just alt-hop it's almost impossible for me to pick out a Main, wether melee or ranged. I just like the variety of playing it all. Also gotta say, really looking forward to Prot DPS with Gladiator Stance at level 100, definitely trying that out ASAP.

1. Fury Warrior
The removal of Colossus Smash is awesome! I'm not missing have to Shout every so often either! I love using Wild Strike instead of Heroic Strike now and it's just a fast and brutal rotation. Sometimes there's bit of downtime when you gotta hold off on Wild Strike if you're not rage-capped and not Enraged, but it's a nice break from the chaos that comes before and after it. It's also really nice to finally have lots of survivability options. The talent system is like a candy store and it's just a joy to play.
The Warrior can Charge, Leap and Intervene making it, for me, the most fun mobile melee spec in the game. It doesn't have much going on in terms of visuals, but Titan's Grip and so many fun abilities make up for it. Bladestorm on a 1 minute cooldown, oh my, still loving that!

2. Retribution Paladin
It's shiny, so fast and you always have something to press! Inquisition gone is a blessing, and I don't really miss Guardian of Ancient Kings since Prot still has it and we still got our Wings. So much excellent healing and protection, for ourselves and our allies. Tons of utility and really fun and fast single target and AOE rotations.
Just a shame there's not that many good mobility options, but we've got a lot of ranged abilities (even though the spell effects could be a bit flashier in my opinion) and mine is an engineer so I got my belt Nitro Boost on top of that. I just love the look of Divine Storm and Light's Hammer. I'm not gonna be juggling no Seals though at level 100, no way. Ain't nobody got time for that! Not with this fast rotation we got.

3. Enhancement Shaman
Echo of the Elements now makes Stormstrike, Lava Lash or Fire Nova not incur it's cooldown, the other talents in the same Tier are supposed to give DPS according to sims but EotE really gives the Enh rotation a fulness to it we've never known as melee Shammies. Add to that crazy AOE with Fire Nova, awesome DPS cooldowns like Spirit Wolves, Fire Elemental and Ascendance. (Why the hell does Ascendance's cooldown only go in effect after the buff has passed? I can't get my TMW Icon to work well because of it :p) You got so much healing, even aoe healing and so much utility.
I'm a bit bummed that the ability pruning actually didn't clean out the Shammies action bar a bit more to be honest, because there's really nothing exciting about putting down a totem. However you're throwing Fire and Lightning around and it's one of the coolest Melee specs concerning visuals and spells. Ghost Wolf and Spirit Walk are still awesome for getting around. I've loved this spec since Cataclysm, raiding Firelands and killed Ragnaros with a Guild, and it's just getting more and more polished with time. And two words: Fist Weapons!

4. Assassination Rogue
Oh my! Rogue has always been my least favorite melee class. It was so squishy and fast to die in LFR. Now we finally got great survivability with the Feint Elusiveness talent. We got great utility and oh my god, Combo Points staying on us instead of a specific mob is the greatest change ever across the board in WOD. Anticipation, another quality of life thing that remained, so making a little mistake in our fast rotation is no big deal!
It's such fun now to do trash not having to redirect Combo Points (on a cooldown!). And as for mobility my Worgen has two speed boosts with his racial and Sprint, and he can Shadowstep! I can't wait for the cool looking Death from Above!

5. Frost Death Knight
Still largely unchanged, that damn Killing Machine munching wether you're using 2Handed or Dual Wield, but you know you can't help that, it's just gonna happen! It's still just really fun, fast, and effective on single target or AOE. I used to Frost tank and DPS in WOTLK and I'll always love it. General DK points: Death Pact is insane self-healing. Army of the Dead is now instant cast. No more need to Horn of Winter all the freaking time! And I still love being able to Death Grip without it taunting on some trash.
Several things I don't like though: Talents and Glyphs are a bit meh. I'm not a fan of the Plague Leech talent though so not using it, and I just can't believe that Corpse Explosion now just transforms a corpse into a pile of bones. I don't wanna have to target a corpse, I want a big green freaking explosion and I wanna be able to use it on players and I want it to do a bit of damage!
There's also not that much mobility, Death's Advance is such a crappy ability, although Soul Reaper if glyphed now gives a little speed boost too which is nice. I have a Dwarf and an Orc DK and I like playing Unholy and Frost both, but Frost wins it in fun factor for me. Currently doing Twohanded just because that weapon dropped faster for me.

6. Windwalker Monk
While nothing much has changed for the monk either, it has slowed down quite a bit and I'm still not sure wether I appreciate the slower pace and moments to breathe. But I do kinda miss the hectic martial arts pace of MOP. I also never really loved the Storm, Earth and Fire mechanic that much from when it got introduced, but it does look cool and ups your damage of course. I also really am gonna miss that ranged disarm now all disarms have been removed. It just looked and felt so cool to do that to someone in PVP.
Jumping before you do a Rising Sun Kick just looks awesome, gotta love that self-healing and utility too. Flying Serpent Kick is one of the coolest abilities in the game, Roll is awesome, especially in Raids to avoid or get out of crap fast. Really looking forward to Hurricane Strike/Chi Explosion.
This was my absolute favorite spec to play in MOP, I even raided a bit with it with two different guilds and really enjoyed it. Whirling around on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok's Attenuation phases with Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kicks on my Monk is some of the most fun I've had in MOP raiding.
It's just that it's a bit more of the same for now and just a lot slower with our gear and level, and that's never really good as melee in my opinion. It's really because the other specs have gotten such a nice overhaul and quality of life improvements that the WW Monk has fallen so low on this list.
I also feel a bit silly fighting metal Raid Bosses like Juggernaut and Siegecrafter with my punches and kicks! I hope at level 100 I'll enjoy it more again.

7. Unholy Death Knight
Mostly same good general Death Knight remarks as Frost, but I'm not a big fan of the Festering Strike & Scourge Strike juggling, it's not hard obviously but it's not really fun and doesn't feel as powerful at all as throwing Obliterates and Frost Strikes does on your target as Frost. The pet looks kinda cool when transformed, and even the regular one with the Geist glyph, and that Gargoyle still looks kinda sweet, but I'd still rather DPS without a pet or pets any day of the week.

8. Feral Druid
I have to say this was my second favorite spec in MOP, I felt it was like a Rogue but a lot cooler and better, after losing touch with my Moonkin and getting so tired of the ever so boring Guardian Bear, I played the hell out of Kitty in MOP! But this slowdown what the hell!
Even though I loved Kitty's complexity in MOP, it's gotten a lot simpler and I have to say I'm not gonna miss using Dream of Cenarius heals to boost my damage. I'm also not gonna miss Mangle and Pounce (Rake glyph is just as good!). I really like that it's simpler and I'm really looking forward to the Claws of Shirvallah talent, finally be able to use all our abilities without having to shift back, though I hope we get cosmetic glyphs for it.
Same as the monk though, the reason why it's so low on the list is that the rotation feels so slow. It's also ridiculous I can't have my speed and a charge, having to choose between it on the first Talent tier, I mean it's a freaking cat!
Heart of the Wild should last longer and be a little cooler in my opinion, I'd even take some form of penalty for it. The Talent system overall is just one big disappointment, especially Tier 60. Soul of the Forest: Boring and almost mandatory with this slow ass energy building. Incarnation: Better than in MOP but I need to take SOTF. Force of Nature: Meh.
The self-healing of Predatory Swiftness is insanely good though, but it's also annoying as hell to get the graphic alert and 3 buttons light up on the bars EVERY time we spend 5 Combo Points, I mean there's no need for such a notification if it's guaranteed!
I also regret losing Barkskin too though making Kitty the only melee spec without a longer running Damage reducing buff, even if Survival Instinct is so effective but only so short.

9. Combat Rogue
I never ever enjoyed Combat as much as Assassination and it's still the same, but the Combo Point change has made me try the spec out more. Sinister Strike just isn't as fun and fast as a 2 Combo Point Mutilate. But I have to say I enjoy it a lot more than before and Blade Flurry, while boring and slowing the rotation down a bit, is a crazy cleave.
Killing Spree is the main reason I even try this spec, it just looks and feels awesome.

10 & 11 - Arms Warrior & Subtlety Rogue
This is totally unfair because I haven't tried either. But I'm just not a big fan of the Colossus Smash rotation, and Subtlety has always been my least favorite Rogue spec.

How I enjoyed the melee specs in MOP:
1. Monk - new and shiny!
2. Druid - new experience for me! Never tried it in WOTLK and CATA.
3. Shaman - my main in CATA, still good
4. Paladin - fun, but a bit boring, Inquisition was tedious
5. Warrior - played both specs back and forth, Colossus Smash, meh!
6. Death Knight - played both specs back and forth
7. Rogue - played both specs (Ass & Combat) back and forth

Ranged and Tank lists coming soon, gotta let my hands heal a bit from all this damn typing now!