Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Warrior has undergone surgery, again!

Here's the history of my warrior:
Vereticus Male Worgen: too many issues with Worgen model, shields and swords sticking out where they shouldn't, ugh.
Ognir Male Orc: transferred to a PVP server where a buddy was playing for a while, armor looked great but not a big fan of the hunchback.
Kireichan Female Pandarian: Buddy stopped playing, the Panda looked ok, martial arts melee animations look really cool but not reaaaally fitting for a warrior imo, also small shoulder armor.
Oushijin Male Tauren: The Juggernaut! Looks so powerful but movement does feel slow and some animations do too. Really gonna miss him, especially since the new models made him look even cooler.

Sebastion Male Human: I'm gonna level my Warrior first in WOD! First time ever the warrior gets this highly regarded, usually that honor went to my Druid and Shaman but not a huge fan of either classes now.
But my Warrior was on a PVP Horde server and man can PVP servers be annooooying. I'd rather stick to PVE though I still have an Orc DK and Hunter (the hunter will probably turn into a female gnome soon :P), and if he's on the same server as my other alli alts, the shared money and professions come in handy.
Why Male Human, I had a hard time deciding but mostly it was deduction; Male Worgen: too much sloppy errors with the model. Male Panda: Already have a panda Monk and looks too fluffy. Draenei: I hate those hooves, so much. Gnomes: I wanna be able to find my toon in the melee chaos. Night Elf: thought about the Female for a bit, but I want big shoulders! Dwarf: I already have 2 males, and the female model's boobies got smaller with the model update! For shame! :p
The "Every man for himself" racial sealed the deal really. I also really like my Human Male Paladin, even though it's kinda silly to have two of the same races, genders and armor classes, I still think it's the best choice!