Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some other games

The Dark Side has taken my characters! They seriously deleted my Jedi Knight, not cool! I played this a little while I was in the queue for WOW, but I still hate how movement and jumping feels. The graphics are ok, the races you can choose from are underwhelming and just the entire game feels like a missed opportunity. So I quit the game after only killing a few enemies, I mean I really don't wanna see that starting zone all over again.

Guild Wars 2
I love the look and sound of this game, but absolutely can't stand the gameplay and even moving and jumping looks and feels terrible. I just logged in after months of inactivity and found out my Elementalist chick was in her underwear because my gear was suddenly only for level 10 and I'm level 9. So that's how much I've played. I also found out I apparently deleted my Norn Necromancer and female warrior and had a lowbie male warrior, why did I do that! I seriously don't remember any of it. Anyway I uninstalled the game cause I'll just never get into it.

I tried this one this morning and have to say the world looks great and the running feels great, but the character models faces look terrible. If you can't sell your game in character customization you're doing something wrong. My RSI also can't allow me to keep pressing in buttons to load something or keep the right mouse button clicked to aim better, so had to uninstall it right away too.

Damn! The updates couldn't be installed because of some metafile error so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, apparently the game size is bigger than advertised so I had to uninstall Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 even though I never finished them! So after an entire night and morning of downloading and patching I find my characters have been deleted, not cool! So let's see what we can make now...

If I'd make an MMO I'd let you be able to move your character around in a small instance and let you try your class starting abilities, would save so much time creating, testing, deleting, creating another...