Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why I don't guild raid and am just a "casual" now

I got an RSI injury since November 2013 on my hands, wrists and arms from working out, and it's just not healing right. I waited too long to go to the doctor and didn't rest enough. Spent too much time on the pc and working even made it come back completely.
Specialists couldn't find why this was the case, but my sis who has Lyme's Disease told me to get tested too and I have finally found the reason why the healing is going so slow, in a few days I'll start my treatment for it. I've also been going to a physical therapist for a few weeks now which has really helped.
So that's why I'm a casual now and no longer guild raiding, and I enjoy just doing mostly LFR and some battlegrounds when the arms and hands allow it.