Friday, March 27, 2015

No WOW for me for the foreseeable future

My arms from fingertips to shoulders are still suffering from inflammation almost instantly if I do any sort of continuous activity, they are just not healing and so there's no gaming in any form for me for the foreseeable future. (Healer?! :p)

I've gotten a few comments of people asking rudely for updates lately, so I've deleted them and I'm disabling the comments system. I've added information in the sidebar so people who didn't check the latest blogposts are at least informed. It's not hard at all to configure Tellmewhen so learn how to do it if you want it updated, or ask around in Azeroth or on any wow-forum or ask Cybeloras the author on the Tellmewhen Curse page.

Appreciate your health if you are able to play WOW, I really miss it and all my other hobbies that involve hands and arms (yeah, that's pretty much all of them obviously).

This is a documentary about Lyme's Disease, I'm posting it here just to spread the word as we need more research to be able to treat it effectively.