Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ConsolePort addon for WOW - Play with a ps4/xbox/steam controller!

Consoleport on Wow Interface - Consoleport on Curse - Consoleport on Curseforge

The addon author has done so much great work to give us loads of keybinding options, check out the link for images of the amazing UI for it.
I'm gonna go for the DS4 as it has the trackpad and the PS button. I already have a scheme worked out in my head. There are so many more options than just using Joytokey with a Rumblepad like I tried (was not working at all).
Now I just have to wait for my arms to hurt a little less so I can re-sub and test it out. I would just use this for questing and dungeons, any other content like pvp and raiding is out of the questing for me anyway. But thanks so much to the addon author for making this and giving me hope that I can play a little more than only a very few times with long pauses in between when I sub for a month.

Check out his youtube videos, there's configuration videos there too, here are some in action vids though: