Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Some screenshots from my sporadic gametime

I usually sub for a month now and then take a 3 month break just about, my condition is still the same unfortunately.
I was going to Ashran the last night of a sub running out, not to pvp much because I don't have the reaction speed for it anymore but to roam around a bit for "old times sake", I got a book of flightform on my druid! I thought I was special until I saw a flying mount by someone with the achievement ;p So I at least was able to fly once in Draenor since that crazy achievement is out of the question with my arms, still pissed off about that. Being able to fly with my alts would make questing a lot easier and less tedious on 11 toons.
I checked the AH for mounts and was so happy I was able to get that ogrish mount thing and a wolf since farming for one is no longer possible, I looked up how to get that big mount and it required ilvls I'd have no way of achieving, nice I was able to get it from the AH then!
Then there's a timewalking screenshot of my Gnome Mage turning huge on the Throne of the Tides endboss. 
I used the anniversary wand to turn into a Shadow Murloc, was pretty fun until we wiped and it was gone. 
And I finally got the SELFIE toy, yay!