Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thoughts about Legion

I'm not sure if I'll even buy it, first reason is obviously cause it hurts my hands and arms to play, and I can just keep leveling in WOD. But also because many of Blizzard's decisions are really disappointing.

What I'm happy about/looking forward to if hands improve and I can sub:

  • Demon Hunters, obviously
  • new melee combat (and other spell) animations
  • Retribution and Fury animations look pretty nice
  • new Druid form models, show us the NELF one already!
  • Balance Druid Eclipse gone and replaced by something a lot more fun
  • scaled leveling
  • new Transmog wardrobe system
  • new hunter melee spec
  • some of the class halls look less underwhelming than the others... I like the Warrior and Druid ones most I guess
  • ability pruning, only because it'll make playing on a gamepad a lot easier, but it's nice to see a lot of barely used spells go. Especially Shaman needed the pruning so bad.
  • New class rotations look pretty good so far, if a little simple
  • Outlaw Rogues
  • the new awesome looking ConsolePort addon gives me hope I could play for a little longer than with keyboard & mouse

    I'm less happy about: 

  • no flying except through another fucking insane achievement, FUCK YOU
  • Dalaran recycling is seriously pathetic after scrapping the WOD cities
  • If Dalaran is a lagfest again like in WOTLK, am I still supposed to take Blizzard seriously?
  • the new combat animations being re-used for every spec with some different colors around them, so much for that class identity? And goodbye to racial animations, wtf?
  • the new continent seems really unimpressive
  • the biggest dev team delivering the least new / most recycled content
  • artifact weapons and its lame talent system seem underwhelming
  • Survival is now melee - cool, but a polearm? ugh!
  • Only a charboost if you pre-order, nice try
  • probably only two raid tiers again
  • Class Order halls look like some half-assed lazy design
  • The Warrior Class Hall ARENA!!!!! It's just a small ass circle fgs, are you serious?
  • The Paladin Class Hall is underground, what about the Light though? Who came up with this?!
  • No idea what kind of Elf I'd use for a Demon Hunter, all their melee animations (now) never appealed to me. Probably a male or female night elf.
  • The Emerald Nightmare raid preview was underwhelming but I knew anything Emerald Dream related would be disappointing with my expectations for it
  • if only the uncriticizing fanboys would realize how much more Blizzard would do for us if they didn't apologize for them in reply to every fair critical post...

    That's all I can think of at the moment, so definitely not buying at launch after the WOD disaster. Maybe I'll get it later if I can get that gamepad addon working well and my arms are in better shape.