Thursday, December 7, 2017

Legion New UI screenshots

I'm playing again and I might make some vids and share my Tellmewhen setups for all classes soon. For now here's a look at my UI.

A lot has changed since my last UI. The Player and Target frames (and Party frames) show the character model in the background instead of a separate portrait. Those frames and the action bars also auto-hide if there's no target, I'm mounted, or if I'm not in combat. Buffs have moved to the left upper part of the screen, for the buffs under 2 minutes there are also timer bars under the icons.

Party & Raid Frames, now shiny with the character models in the background, have moved to the upper right side of the screen. Minimap to the bottom right.

Here's the Raid frames, 40 players make them a little smaller and hide the mana bars (shown to Innervate healers in 5-25 player raids)

Here's the UI in action. You can see the buff timer bars on the upper left. Under that is a section for 4 big Debuff icons and under 2 minutes they also show bars. I'm not quite happy with the buff/debuff starting/ending text under the player frame. I might just hide it. There's also new combat text above the target frames thanks to Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text which is very small unless it's high damage or crits, I also keep MSBT on the forefront.

Addon list:
Auras: TellMeWhen
Bars: Bartender
Buffs: Raven
Cast Bar: Quartz
Chat: BasicChatMods
DamageTXT: Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text & MSBT
Damage Counter: Skada
Font: SharedMediaAdditionalFonts and the font is Exprswyfree
Frames: Pitbull
Mimamp: Sexymap
Quest Tracker: Quester

Honorable Mentions not visible:
Bags: Adibags
Boss mods: DBM + VEM female voicepack + Overwatch Counters, GTFO
Chat filter: Badboy
Collections & Loot: Allthethings, CanIMogIt, Pawn, PersonalLootHelper
Disenchant: EasyDisenchant
Map: Handynotes, Telemancy
Move stuff: MoveAnything
Open stuff: NewOpenables
Options: AdvancedInterfaceOptions, Leatrix Plus
Questing: WQGF
Reputation: ParagonReputation
Resources: EnergyWatch (Skinned with Skinner), NugComboBar
Sim: SimulationCraft
Spell Anouncing: RSA Spell Anouncer
Questing: Immersion

Stats: DejaCharacterStats
Talent Builds: Talented
UI Skinning: Masque, Skinner (not visible on the screenshots)